Boosting Night Vision For

The New Gen Underwater Fishing Light

It is well-known that many species of fish mainly feed at night, but it is hard to catch them. Underwater fishing lights solve this problem by bringing the fish right to you.
After a short time in the water, the greet light causes a chain reaction - it initially attracts masses of phytoplankton that cloud the water. These little organisms then attract the common baitfish to the light, eventually, those predatory fish will follow and feed.
The chance of catching big fish is greatly increased.

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Since 2015, Tendelux has been designing and manufacturing high-performance Infrared and White Light LED lighting solutions for video surveillance or general area lighting. All Tendelux products are tested at each production stage and all are CE, RoHS & FCC certified to make sure they're reliable and will provide class-leading illumination, long lifespan, and zero maintenance.
Furthermore, all Tendelux products are backed by a 2-Year warranty and lifetime continuous support.

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